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Government Relations 




Stephanie Johnson, Director

721 N. LaSalle St.
Chicago, IL 60654
Phone: (312) 655-7020
Ann Grelecki Anderson, Director of Government Grants and Advocacy
Phone: (312) 655-7930

The Office of Government Relations furthers the mission of the agency by working collaboratively with stakeholders to improve the lives of those we serve through advocacy and program sustainability. The primary functions of the Office of Government Relations are:

  1. To develop and maintain positive relationships with policy makers, community leaders, social service providers, and advocacy groups;
  2. To cultivate and maintain relationships with elected officials in order to develop trust and enhance communications;
  3. To identify issues and their potential impact on the agency and its clients that can be modified through the legislative process;
  4. To develop and communicate a consistent, focused message to policymakers on agency positions and legislative priorities at the local, state and federal level;
  5. To present resource assistance on legislative topics, track key legislation and provide strategic assistance and grassroots training; to collaborate with program managers in developing applications for government funding; and
  6. To work with elected officials on community projects of interest to their constituents and to share with them information about agency programs in their district.