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Gracefully, joyfully, safely:  that is how Catholic Charities wants seniors to live each and every day.   Our Catholic tradition compels us to ensure that the needs of our senior brothers and sisters are met in ways that reflect God’s mercy and enhance seniors’ essential human dignity.

Economy Offers Hope, Catholic Charities Delivers Help
02/01/2014 by Monsignor Michael M. Boland

With the 2014 federal and state legislative sessions upon us, we as Catholics and Christians must be sure lawmakers keep a realistic pulse on the needs of all of our brothers and sisters, for our society is measured by how our weakest members are faring.   While the improving economy brings hope and jobs to some, to others the improvement is scarcely being felt.   As we celebrate the growth in jobs and declining unemployment, we must also remember to be cautiously optimistic about the numbers being bandied about.  

Pilgrims on the Journey to Self-Sufficiency
01/01/2014 by Monsignor Michael M. Boland

“We are pilgrims on the journey, We are brothers on the road, We are here to help each other, Walk the mile and bear the load.”  These beautiful lyrics are from the Servant Song written by Richard Gillard.  Whenever I hear this poignant hymn, my thoughts immediately turn to those we serve at Catholic Charities.  For many people who seek our assistance, their path to wholeness and self-sufficiency is not a quick-fix, but rather an extended journey that requires compassionate guidance and professional services to address multiple needs